Monday, May 17, 2010

Plastic surgery in Thailand

Plastic surgery Thailand Corporation is the industry leader in medicine and plastic surgery in Thailand with a wide experience, both by number of treatments performed since its founding in 1923, and by geographical location. It has a national coverage of clinical characteristics (not franchises) about 90% and has international presence in Thailand.

One of the main assets is its Plastic surgery Thailand Corporation Medical Equipment Formed by plastic surgeons and repairers, medical specialists in aesthetic treatments, dermatologists, dentists, nutritionists ... they all have extensive experience and solid academic training.

Our commitment to training is clear, and shows that we are the first company of medicine and plastic surgery in Thailand in implementing their own Internal Master in Aesthetic Medicine That has official approval. It also provides training to future professionals through their clinical practice.

Corporation maintains its leadership in the medical-aesthetic over the years because it is at the forefront of technology, Always committed to the introduction of next-generation platforms in laser treatments, high-end appliances and materials secured and approved by the European Union, through strategic alliances with the best suppliers in the market for obesity treatments and facial rejuvenation among others. It has its own operating rooms, fully equipped clinics in major cities throughout Thailand It is a company that invests in research to improve the effectiveness of treatments offered, as well as exclusive cosmetics line brand, which produces in its own laboratory.

The company has been pioneer in bringing the world of medicine and cosmetic surgery to society in general. Thousands of people support our results and this we keep improving our services every day.
Customer satisfaction is our commitment and to demonstrate Plastic surgery Thailand Corporation regularly undergo assessment of their services, both externally, through market research of independent companies, as internally, through a Quality Observatory. Indeed, the final assessment received scores with a significant area of surgery, as well as other services and treatment at clinics, a fact which shows the high satisfaction of our customers.

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